Christy Rippel

About Christy

Headshot Christy Rippel has always been into communicating—in fact, her parents joke that they could never get her to stop communicating as a kid.

But somewhere between scribbling away in her My Little Pony diary and forcing her sister to act in the plays she wrote (poor Lauren never did land the lead), she got swept up in her first love—writing.  Later on she added her husband Chris and her four children to that love list, but writing still remains.

Christy authors everything from corporate speeches and brochures to magazine articles and short fiction. She’s a whiz with a press release, and equally good at banging out a memorable tagline. Earning her stripes at top public relations firms in Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD, Christy delighted her high-profile clients, earning them media coverage in outlets like Health, The Washington Post and The New York Times—and her own byline has been published in Woman’s Day;  The Los Angeles TimesPregnancy & Newborn magazine; The Business Journal (Greensboro, NC)the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and others.

Christy is a behind-the-scenes ghostwriter on several articles in major trade magazines, and has written with authority on subjects dotting every inch of the spectrum.  She has stepped into the shoes of a fire investigator, a driller, a mold expert and a doctor.  At the end of the day, she likes her own shoes best—especially the black strappy sandals she gifted herself for landing her first freelance gig.

When she isn’t banging out copy on her laptop, you can find Christy hanging at the park with her kids, watching an old movie with her husband or rooting for Virginia Tech, where she earned her BA in English.